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Crystalization Commissions  by Ponyvilleartist
Crystalization Commissions
Ok everyone since my crystal pony oc was quite popular I thought,
Why not do crystal pony commissions? This is where I would take your oc and change/crystalize your pony.
A flat colour Crystalization would be $5 🚨I am opening 3 slots🚨
Send me a note for a commission request 💚
I am not stealing anything from hasbro because I am not tracing, copying ect. I am basing/referencing my designs of the show not completely stealing 😊❤
Hicco Aurora Ref Sheet (co-own) by Ponyvilleartist
Hicco Aurora Ref Sheet (co-own)
My new baby!! 😱❤ I love her so much!
Species: Skimmer
Scales: Plate Type
Traits: Curled Ears (Uncommon)
Spotted (Uncommon)
Small Fin Mutation (Uncommon)
Frill (New Trait/Ultra Rare)
*Skimmers with this trait posses and actual set of working gills they may use when underwater. When the Skimmer is out of water the gills 'close' themselves flat against the side of the neck to allow for regular breathing. Shown by a set of frilled gills on either side of the face.*
Bio: *Coming soon*
Co-owned with Sarky-artS
Breezies are owned by Fuyusfox and the Breezie Grotto.

FuyusFox Sarky-artS
(MYO Spinner) Aura Nyx  by Ponyvilleartist
(MYO Spinner) Aura Nyx
Name: Aura Nyx
Nicknames: Aura, Nyxie
Species: Spinner
Gender: (Lesbian) Female/ Her/ She
Age: 16
Job: Unemployed (explained in bio)
Traits: 5th Eye (Uncommon)
Unmatching Back Fur (Uncommon)

Bio: Aura is a very, VERY, nervous and shy breezie. Her reasons, she's very Lesbian (and not sure how to work with it) and she has a fifth eye. Her fifth eye gives her the gift of fortune telling. But unfortunately she doesn't know how to use it properly and can sometimes find herself in trouble because of it. So she isolates herself (more than Spinners normally do) in an acorn hut in the forest. For food she sneaks away to the local "bug farm" and purchases those in large bulk. For money, she uses her fortune telling to her advantage. Once a month for a short amount of time she allows people to come to her hut and ask what their fortune is. Her vivsions are very blurry. Not knowing the time or place she tries to scope out obvious objects. A coin for example could involve the fortune of wealth. Cloaked and hidden in the hut, she tells them what they want to know for a small price of 5 (insert currency here). Some think she's a fake, and because she never shows her face and eye she can't prove they are real. Even so, everything she sees and tells is very true. But it seems every year, one female Spinner repeatedly shows up to obtain her fortune. But Aura can't seem to see it. Also the bow in Aura's mane was made (out of silk) by a close friend when she was a young filly. She can't find her friend anymore though, but her friend does have the same mane colour as the female Spinner who comes every year. ( hint hint)
Spinners/ Breezies are owned and made by Fuyusfox.

(DTA Entry) Menta  by Ponyvilleartist
(DTA Entry) Menta
Name: Menta (Mint in Italian)
Species: Scented Pony
Gender: Female/ Her/ She
Job/ Occupation: Owns a small chocolate shop in her local town
Personality: Very Sweet, Not Known to Ever Frown, Always Helpful and in a Cheerful Mood

Bio: Menta started out as a young, abandoned foal in Ponyville. A loving couple found her in a cardboard box. A note was stuck to the box, it read,
"Her name is Menta, she's special, it will take her longer to find out."
The couple, although confused, took the young filly in. Years went by and the couple did notice that Menta was different. Her physical attributes resembled that of a candle, and she smelled of mint and chocolate. Her friends and family watched as she grew without a cutiemark. So, going by her appearence and scent they suggested she start a business about chocolate. She took their advice and found herself making the best chocolate in Ponyville. She became close buisness partners with Mr and Mrs. Cake and led a happy and minty life. 💚
This is an entry for a Scented Pony DTA contest.
Scented Ponies are a closed species owned by Digimonlover101.
A few months ago I was invited to a Gallery in London, Ontario for showing and selling art. On August, 12 I will be traveling to London, Ontario to participate in this gallery. My question to everyone is who is planning on going to this gallery? The gallery is called the Mantis Gallery. If you are, I'd love to meet you. I will be signed under the name Ponyvilleartist.The gallery will take place on August, 13, 2016 at London's Bolar Mountain. Hope you see some of you there 💕



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Gemma Straid
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi everyone!! My name is Gemma and I live to draw My Little Pony ocs and characters. Art Trades: closed, Art Commissions: closed, Art Requests: closed

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